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About T.I.I.S.

About T.I.I.S., Templar Investigation Intelligence and Security Ltd

The T.I.I.S. takes investigation and security services seriously, using investigators and security agents that have proved themselves fully through rigorous in-house training and outside qualifications when appropriate.

The T.I.I.S. understands that when searching for information, whether it be for private or corporate matters a level-headedness, outside the box thinking and professionalism can be the difference between a successful case result and a disaster and the T.I.I.S. strive to ensure all of our operatives fall into these categories whilst retaining specialized skill-sets to ensure clients get true results from a highly skilled and professional investigation team.

In addition to our home grown teams the T.I.I.S. retains an alliance of trusted sources and outside council in a number of countries and regions to allow your investigation and security needs to be seamlessly met when travelling across the globe.

The T.I.I.S. can undertake a number of different types of investigation, from financial fraud, server and electronic security analysis right through to a suspected cheating spouse domestic investigation, we always ensure the same level of professionalism and competence is displaced no matter the case subject. For a full list our services please check under the ‘Services’ tab above.

With a head office located in the Republic of Cyprus and a regional office in the UK the T.I.I.S. is available to take cases throughout Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia.

The T.I.I.S. is further supported by a senior management team with over 35 years of combined experience in investigations and security. The T.I.I.S also takes a different attitude to many investigation companies in that case managers are available 24 hours a day to clients and investigators to ensure that decisions are made quickly in the field and operations or scope can be changed quickly depending on the client’s individual requirements.

Consultations and advice are available to both new and existing clients by either phone or email.

For a full copy of the T.I.I.S. code of conduct please click HERE and a PDF copy will be downloaded to your computer.

“There are no answers without questions”

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